BoneBac Interbody System

BoneBac Interbody System

Make MIS easier with the BoneBacĀ® TLIF Spacer. Its narrow shaped nose allows for easier insertion into the collapsed disc. The patented design allows direct injection of graft while the inserter is still attached. This results in more control and a more complete fill when packing the disc space.

Product Features

  • Insert-and-rotate spacer distracts disc space without expensive expandable design
  • Convex surfacing matches endplates to reduce risk of subsidence and expulsion
  • Cannulated inserter for direct injection of graft into intervertebral disc space
  • Two patents completed, five patents pending


  • Restores disc height using insert-and-rotate capability
  • Delivers autograft to the disc space via cannulated inserter and dividing feature on the implant
  • Implant is positioned in the disc space using the same instrument through which bone is injected
  • Graft volume that is injected is quantified by loading graft into graft bullets