Min-Rad Positioning System

Min-Rad: Instrument Positioning System

Minimize your exposure to radiation with revolutionary technology.

The Min-Rad System provides an extra hand for holding targeting needles and other instruments during imaging thus reducing radiation exposure to the surgeon.
It is stable enough to hold a needle static yet flexible enough to allow the surgeon to manipulate the needle by hand without disconnecting the arm.


  • Instantly adjusts
  • No locking or unlocking
  • Completely stable


1. Attach Min-Rad Clip to the needle
2. Move needle in soft tissue: to targeted position
3. Release handle and step back to image


  • Vertebro and kyphoplasty
  • Placement of percutaneous pedicle screw

Minimize unnecessary radiation exposure during imaging.

Ultimately, you want to get in and out of the imaging room as quickly as possible while still taking accurate x-rays. The Min-Rad System allows you to make fine adjustments before walking away to take an x-ray shot. This balance between dynamic adjustment and fixation is the ultimate x-ray room solution.