PLA Retractor System

The MIS Posterior Lumbar Access (PLA) System allows spine surgeons to accomplish minimal access with maximum visualization. Utilizing a versatile frame platform, the system provides flexible, independent retraction and angling from all directions while also providing controlled and stable exposure.

Product Features

  • Low profile, multi-configurable system provides uncompromised exposure
  • Medial and Lateral Blade Kits prevent muscle creep & expand exposure
  • S-Lock Technology eliminates blade swivel (Medial & Lateral Blades)
  • Radiolucent blades allow for unobstructed imaging
  • One-Step Dilator elmininates k-wire and sequential dilation
  • Flexible sizing accommodates all patient sizes with 40mm-120mm blade depths

Product Benefits

  • Independent retraction and angling on all blades
  • Flexibility to use 2, 3, or 4 radiolucent blades at a time
  • Fiber optic light source integral to blades
  • Table mounted for increased stability